Functional Capacity Assessment

Ensure that your staff are ready to return to work. 3DMind Solutions offers a functional capacity assessment (FCA) service that gives you a better understanding of your employees’ ability to perform in their role. Vital after injury, illness or accident, these assessments provide a clearly benchmarked and easy to understand measurement of an employee’s job-readiness, helping you make a more informed choice about their capacity to return.

Delivered by experienced and qualified exercise physiologists and occupational therapists, our FCA program allows you to make staffing choices more confidently. A comprehensive functional capacity evaluation can save you the cost associated with lost productivity and additional recruitment, helping you keep your business functioning at maximum efficiency. A key component of an injury prevention program, an FCA also can help keep employees out of potentially dangerous situations that could result in an accident. Make the smarter choice for your business and your team and discuss your needs with 3DMS.

What is a functional capacity assessment?

An FCA is an objective measurement of a worker’s current physical capacity to perform standard physical activities. Useful during the hiring process to ensure that prospective staff can perform the job as required but vital when an existing staff member has suffered an injury or condition, an FCA can be a major factor in your decision making.

Using a series of standardised screening tools and evaluations, we’ll simulate certain physical tasks common to the employee’s role such as picking up a box of a certain weight, moving objects off a high shelf and standing for a prolonged period of time. We’ll measure their performance against what’s required by the role, helping you make the informed choice.

Every FCA we perform is accompanied by a full written report, detailing the employee’s injury history, current medical concerns, the precise nature of the work demands and a measurement of their ability to meet these demands, alongside opinion and recommendation from the assessor. Know in depth what your staff are capable of before they’re put in a potentially dangerous situation with 3DMS.

Providing functional capacity evaluations to your organisation

Get the support you need. Start a conversation with the team at 3DMS to learn more about the structure and costs associated with our functional capacity evaluation