Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Are your employees your most valued asset?

If so, you’ll want to keep your workers safe and reduce the possibility of injury.

To assist you, 3DMS offers the following assessments and training programs to customers across Queensland and New South Wales. With offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts and Ballina, we help more businesses in more places get the assistance they need.

Develop effective injury prevention strategies with the help of 3DMS

Effective injury prevention strategies require you to consider a wide range of contributing factors. At 3DMS, we’ve made it our project to assist organisations throughout Queensland and New South Wales to address complex matters in their workplaces and find effective resolutions.

If you are looking to further ensure the long term health and safety of your employees, you can make steps toward precisely that with the help of 3DMS. Read on below to learn more about what we can do to help you develop a happier and healthier workplace.

“3DMS has reliably responded in a timely manner to referrals. The professional depth of the team has meant referrals cover a wide range of services including ergonomic assessments and awareness sessions, vocational assessments, job readiness and job seeking, workplace assessments and suitable duties plans for return to work or maintain at work. 3DMS are highly regarded by the department and will continue to be a preferred provider.”

Ms Lynne Blanch | Manager, Safety Wellbeing & Injury Management HR Services, Department of Communities, Disability Services & Seniors

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Address potential or actual issues with workstation environments and individual work practices. Unsound ergonomic practices can contribute significantly in the development of musculoskeletal disorders – neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, headaches and repetitive injury strains. Implementing sound ergonomic workstation principles via ergonomic assessments can not only assist with increasing safety and comfort but building efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

  • Simple, practical and cost-effective recommendations tailored to each assessed individual’s needs
  • Source and prescribe quality and affordable equipment specific to the needs of the individual
  • Make recommendations on injury prevention methods tailored to the assessed individual

3DMind Solutions can assist with achieving a safer, more productive workplace through comprehensive office ergonomic workstation assessments for individuals or groups.

We can assist your workplace with:
  • Office ergonomic workstation screening programs
  • Comprehensive reporting on workstation assessments
  • Ergonomic workstation group training

Manual Handling Risk Assessment & Training

An onsite manual handling training service designed to educate employees and workplaces on:

  • How workers can use their body in a safe and efficient manner to reduce risk of injury
  • Easily understood anatomical principles
  • Getting workers “buy in” to new and safer practices
  • Body mechanics and how some movements performed can cause injury
  • Identifying situations at the workplace where injury may occur and how to practically and effectively reduce risk
  • Appropriate manual handling techniques specific for the workplace

If you require a specialised program, we will visit the workplace, review the environment and operations and compile a program specifically designed for your circumstances.

3DMind Solutions can provide the following (depending on your needs):

  • Participant handbooks including warm-up and stretching handouts
  • Certificate of completion for each attendee
  • Training competency register for your record

We will encourage personal behavioural change and embed practical skills to be applied right away.

Functional Capacity Assessment

A key part of any injury management program, functional capacity assessments are used to better understand a worker’s current physical capacity by objectively measuring a worker’s ability to perform physical activities. The FCA is best used when a person has an injury or condition that directly impacts their ability to perform specific work tasks.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are used to assist with:
  • Establishing physical capacity
  • Identification of suitable work duties or activities
  • Assist with determining return to work or other activity goals
  • Assist medical treatment providers and other health professionals with appropriate medical certification
  • Guidance with redeployment options
Additionally, the FCA can assist with determining:
  • A person’s readiness to return to work
  • Guidance with return to work programs
  • Establishing if a person is physically performing to their maximum level
All FCA’s are designed to reproduce specific physical activity demands and usually include (but not limited to) the following activities:
  • Push/pull
  • Lift/carry
  • Overhead and forward reach
  • Gripping, handling
  • Walking, stepping, crawling
  • Standing, sitting, bending

Work Task Analysis

An onsite service that identifies, analyses and records specific work role requirements. The assessment looks closely at work tasks involved in an identified work role and the exact requirements needed to perform the role.

Information gained from this service can assist with:
  • Appropriate recruitment and selection processes
  • Workforce planning
  • Identifying safety or work process hazards in the work environment
  • Planning the safe and sustainable return of an injured employee to the workplace

Multiple Work Capacity Assessments are combined to create a workplace Job Dictionary – a valuable tool to aid workforce and operations management.

Some of the benefits of completing a Work Task Analysis include:
  • Providing both employer and employee with a clear and concise picture of the work role
  • Provide a clear understanding of the inherent physical demands required to successfully undertake a particular work task
  • Assist with compiling and guiding pre-employment medical testing
  • Assist with streamlining rehabilitation and return to work by providing pertinent information to Health Professionals e.g. available suitable work duties

Prevent injuries and develop a safer workplace with the help of 3DMS

Effective injury prevention strategies require businesses and organisations to consider a variety of angles and conditions. However, with the help of our qualified and experienced consultants, the process can be broken down into parts and worked on bits at a time.

If you or your organisation are looking to gain a deeper understanding of how you can further ensure the safety of your employees, know that 3DMS are here for you. Whether it’s ergonomic assessments, or mediation services, we can help you starting today.