Management Coaching

Managers can often be promoted for their technical skills and then find themselves unequipped to handle complex interpersonal challenges.

3DMS has worked with team leaders and managers across several industries to develop their potential including:

  • Developing advanced communication skills
  • Facilitating organizational change
  • Developing advanced conflict resolution skills
  • Creating an environment where others want to work

Symptoms of conflict that are highly dysfunctional need to be recognised by Managers and Supervisors as early as possible. One primary duty of a Manager is to reduce conflict and bring it down to the desired level. Quick resolution of conflict keeps any of the negative aspects of unresolved conflict from occurring.

Interpersonal conflict can range from minor disagreement to overt hostility. The reason can be substantive (content based) or emotional (emotion based) conflict. There are high incidents of interpersonal conflict at work. Effective handling of conflict requires understanding of one’s own behavioural style and communication orientation and those of other individuals.