Team Intervention with 3DMS

3DMS provides services designed to help businesses grapple with the human considerations of a workplace. One aspect of what we do at 3DMS is provide mediation services to those businesses that feel that they are beginning to experience disruptions as a result of poor workplace morale.

There are a wide variety of contributing factors to any conflict. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed in order to find your way toward mutually satisfactory outcomes. In the case that a conflict has spread team-wide, disrupting the normal collaborative functions of your workplace, a team intervention may be what is required.

Qualified and compassionate mediation and team intervention services

3DMS has a wealth of experience facilitating discussions and implementing her own model of team intervention based on NLP and Behavioural Systems. Specifically adapted for the treatment of problems that teams encounter as a result of non-productive workplace conflict, 3DMS’ model of team intervention is informed by extensive training and over 25 years of experience.

By soliciting opinions and recommendations from each team member, our consultants gain insights into the fundamental issues relevant to your teams’ morale, productivity, cohesion and ability to pursue individual and team goals.


When should my workplace consider organising a team intervention?

If your workplace is experiencing disruptions that you feel are the result of issues in the way that your team members inter-relate, consider enlisting the services of 3DMS and organising a team intervention. Our 3DMS consultants are trained in assisting, individuals, teams and organisations address and resolve their workplace issues.

Our mediation services are often deployed in conjunction with stress management seminars. A successful workplace culture remains an ongoing project. If you’re looking for assistance in developing the tools to recognise and address the sources of your workplace conflicts.


“Thank you to your team for the support to date. Reports from the Director and the results from a recent staff survey suggest that the intervention has positively impacted the team.”

Mr Gavin Leckenby | Executive Director | Department of Employment, Small Business and Training


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