Work Stress Activity

For each statement, choose the appropriate number. Work quickly and do not think too long over each item as your first thoughts are usually most correct.

Seldom = 1 | Sometimes = 2 | Always = 3

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1. I feel angry at work.
2. I feel I have to succeed all the time.
3. I find myself withdrawing from colleagues.
4. I feel that others place excessive demands on me.
5. I find myself increasingly callous/insensitive to clients/Colleagues / employees.
6. Work has become boring / tedious.
7. I feel I am at a standstill in my career.
8. I feel negative about work.
9. I accomplish less than ever before.
10. I have trouble organising my work and time.
11. I’m more short-tempered than I’ve ever been.
12. I feel inadequate to deal with changes at work.
13. I find myself taking out my work frustrations at home.
14. I avoid personal contact more than I ever have.
15. I feel I am not in the right job for me.
16. I find myself thinking negatively about work.
17. I don’t enjoy my work.
18. I feel that my superiors do not appreciate what I do.
19. I spend a lot of time avoiding work.
20. I feel exhausted at work.
21. Deadlines are a daily part of my job.
22. I have a problem completing work on time because of many interruptions.
23. I find it necessary to work during some lunches.
24. I complete work at home at night.
25. I find it difficult to work with some colleagues.
26. I need to update my skills.
27. I find it difficult to find meaning in my job.
28. There is little variety or challenge in my job.
29. I accept too many new responsibilities.
30. I find my working environment unpleasant.
31. I feel overwhelmed with the demands of my job.
32. My work environment is noisy.
33. I feel I should be more satisfied with what I have achieved at work.
34. When I am under pressure at work I lose my temper.
35. I do not feel confident of my management skills.
36. I feel uncomfortable giving instructions to those I supervise.
37. I have lost enthusiasm for my job.
38. I feel I speak badly at department meetings.
39. I find it difficult to make decisions.
40. On my way to and from work I tend to rehash the problems of the day.
41. When I come home from work I still have the household chores to do.
42. I don’t have time to take breaks at work.
43. I think about problems at work even when I am on vacation.
44. I am a perfectionist.
45. I find it difficult to tolerate mistakes.
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Severe stress 90 – 135Moderate stress 58 – 89Managed stress 46 – 57

The higher the score, the more stress you are likely to experience in your job. Many people can cope with adverse or demanding work environments and some even thrive in the most trying conditions. Therefore the finding that stress is associated with such contexts does not inevitably apply to all individuals.